Child plus Caregiver Membership



An annual membership gives you unlimited, general admission whenever you like for twelve months, and you only pay once.

With this option, the membership is in the child’s name and the accompanying adult is flexible. This allows any parent, caregiver or adult family
member to visit with the child. Please note, the named child on the application is deemed the member and they must be present for this
membership to be used.

• Friends of the Aquarium memberships are nontransferable and non-refundable and are not valid for Aquarium facilitated education visits.
• Name/s, address, date of birth, a photo and contact numbers are mandatory.
• For the purposes of a Friends of the Aquarium application, an adult is considered 15 years or older. A child is from 3 to 14 years.
• Friends of the Aquarium membership begins from the date an application form is submitted and payment accepted.
• Membership cards issued are not posted out. These can be collected from the Aquarium reception, 5 to 10 working days after purchase.
• Your card is a requirement of entry. On every visit, you must check in at the admissions desk and present your membership card before entry.
• In all instances, the people who you list on your application will be deemed the named member/s. In situations of doubt or when membership cards are not presented, other forms of identification may be requested before entry is permitted.
• In submitting a membership application, you consent to allow us to photograph the member/s for identification purposes (proof of I.D.). This photograph and other membership information is not shared with any other business or organisation.
• In submitting a membership application and making payment, you agree to abide by these terms & conditions and acknowledge that you
have read and understood them.
• Conditions are subject to change.

Membership Administrator Details

Please enter the details for the person who will be managing, but not using this membership. A registration email will be sent to the email address specified after payment in order to fill out the details for the membership user.